A cast made of plaster or fiberglass is a common treatment for breaks when the bones are repositioned and they can be held in place while healing. Although the bone structure of mice and humans differs considerably, the process of fracture healing is very similar, making the mouse a good model for fracture-healing research 21 , 22 In both species, initial tissue damage and rupture of blood vessels lead to activation of inflammatory cells. Now 5 month is already got over but still fractured bone is not healing and doctor is telling it will take another 1 or 2 month… Also im taking calcium tablet regularly but there is no use…..plz help me what should I do now…?

Average time for fracture union is about 6-8 weeks but may take as long as 6 months because some people just heal slowly. Dr. said this type of injuries because of the location (jones fracture) take an average of 12 weeks to heal due to lack of blood flow. Since my bone density test didn't show signs of osteopenia/osteoporis and I don't walk very fast or very much because I'm waiting for an arthrodesis of my 1st MTP joint (left foot), I'm wondering why I'm experiencing so much pain and possibly recurrent stress fractures.

Its now 18 days today I'm on a cast now for 2 weeks allready I'm going to get another x ray on Friday hopefully it healed allready i don't feel any pain like i use to bu5 i my ankle when they was putting the cast on it was purple now with the cast my feet gets swollen i don't know what to do to make my bone heal what do you think doc what should i do i take vitamins also. Right now,3 months later,my femurs are good ,my arm but my hip is not healing so quickly and I m using the stimulates.should I wait more time to heal naturally or should try another surgery which they take bone from my pelvis to replacement? 2. Still there is swelling where it got fractured.. is it a normal sign or is it a cause to worry.,. will it take time for the swelling to come down?

Just take care that for few months a lesser trauma can cause the fracture in the healed bone as it does not achieve strength in spite of union. The goal of treatment is to control the pain, promote healing, prevent complications, and restore normal use of the fractured area. If your pipes leak, you call a plumber And if you fracture a leg, the usual course of action is to visit a doctor But unlike other things that may break in life, bones begin healing on their own before you even set foot in a waiting room.

Whether you need surgery to treat a broken bone or have a cast depends on the type of fracture you have and where it is. Some breaks don't heal well if they're treated with a cast.

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